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A borderless business account

Fast onboarding

Jumpstart without delays or endless paperwork with digital KYC and KYB procedures

Professional support

Assistance with smart solutions whenever you face a challenge

Expertise in your field

Work with a partner who understands your business

Being Unlimit means

Secure Infrastructure

State-of-the-art security measures in place, so that your funds are protected no matter what

Global Accounts

Our global account is your bridge to international business & personal finance

It grants you access to multiregional accounts, tailored to your business needs. Enjoy convenient mobile and web interfaces for effortless asset management. Leverage stability and convenience by making payments in stablecoins.

  1. Flexible and global
  2. Corporate and personal accounts
  3. Employee roles and access customization
  4. Multiple regions and currencies to choose from
  5. On-the-go payment management via mobile app

Send and receive funds seamlessly through various channels, with the control and transparency you expect from a cutting-edge financial service.

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Unlimit Cards

The Unlimit card grants you unparalleled control & flexibility in managing corporate assets.

Create cards for yourself, your team, and your contractors, with the ability to customise access levels and limits.

Connect your digital card to ApplePay and Google Pay for quick transactions, or order your exclusive metal & plastic versions.

Choose from multiple currencies and switch between them according to your needs and business strategies.

Our stablecoin cards open infinite opportunities to make fast transactions, visible through our stablecoin accounts

Broaden your connections to customers with the capability to make payouts in stablecoins immediately.

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Real-time tracking & control of your team’s expenses

Secure, contactless payments with ApplePay & GooglePay

Fully visible transaction history

Adjustable spending limits

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FX & Transfers

With the FX and transfers service from Unlimit Accounts, you open a world of unhindered currency operations.

Our global account allows you to easily convert funds between different assets, either manually or automatically, ensuring access to favourable exchange rates at any time.

Store funds on your account in any currency

Send funds to international destinations easily through SWIFT, ACH, TIPS, Target 2, SEPA Instant and more.

Make payments with your Unlimit card in your currency of choice with instant automatic conversion

Transfer funds easily by specifying the recipient’s account address and asset for transfer

We specialize in supporting:





Upgrade to a full Payments Business Suite and GO BORDERLESS with:

Global Acquiring & APMs

Let your customers pay the way they want, wherever they want, and accept debit and credit card payments in myriad currencies and all major card brands worldwide

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The ultimate configurable Unlimit BaaS API platform

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On & Off-Ramp

The most comprehensive collection of On & Off-Ramps across the globe

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Select a service to get started

Choose from our multiple services to meet your business or individual needs.

Download the Unlimit Accounts mobile app to open a multi-currency account and issue a card

Get approval through fast and efficient KYC.

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